The PBB manufacturing Automation Machine

A single machine, from paperboard to bottle

The manufacturing Automation Machine​

The PBB (paperboard bottle) automation manufactures drinks bottles in various sizes from a paperboard roll to meet the needs of different types of drinks manufacturers. The machine punches and creases, and prints the product data, pictures, logos etc. according to the requirements of businesses. 

The branding of the bottle is done directly by the automation and there is no need for separate labels. The machine shapes the bottle, doses the drink and attaches the cap, and packs the bottle into cardboard packs of the desired size.

Other products:

Directive cap

Esbottle Oy has developed and patented a cap, that fullfills the regulations for EU SUP directive. The cap fits all existing bottling devices in beverage industry and does not require any investments by companies. In addition, no changes have to be made in bottle return systems due to the new tethered cap.

– Less plastic is used to produce the new cap
– Fullfills the regulations for EU SUP directive in 2024
– Suitable for existing capping device
– After use, the cap returns to original shape
– Does not require any changes to recycling systems